Convert Computer Storage

Storage on computers is calculated in bits and bytes. A byte contains 8 bits. One kilobyte contains 1024 bytes, one megabyte contains 1024 kilobytes, and so on. Depending on what you are talking about, the storage size you use will vary.

For example, two pages of text will require approximately 1 kilobyte, while an entire 500-page book will require approximately 1 megabyte. A gigabyte, which is 1024 megabytes, can store about 1000 books. So in relation to text storage, you will rarely use byte sizes larger than megabytes.

If you talk about the byte size of movies, then you rarely use the sizes below gigabytes. A YouTube movie of one hour in 1080p quality requires about 2 gigabytes, but if the quality is increased to 4k, the size will easily double to 4 gigabytes.

The converters below help you convert between the different storage sizes.