About us, and why we bother 🤷🏼‍

17% of the world speak English and only 6% speak it natively. Still 59% of the content online is written in English. 🌎

There is a lot of content online, but still it’s unavailable for many people in the world. We want to change that because knowledge and education is the best way to combat a bunch of bad things like poverty, crime, and war 💪

Our mission is to make basic information, tools and utilities available to the many, and especially to those that need it the most. At the same time, we will provide this with the highest quality!

Calculatorian.com is currently human translated into 32 languages, reaching 70% of the world’s population. We promise that we will strive to increase our reach even more! 🚀

Help us to help the many by sharing our site with your friends and family. Every share actually helps more than you think! 🙏

Got feedback? 📣

We take pride in making sure our calculations are correct. If the calculation is not commonly known, we will make sure the formula is well documented and available to you!

That being said, bugs can happen! Just know that we take all bugs very seriously. If you find one, send us an email at bugs at calculatorian.com and we will investigate and fix the bug asap! 🐞🔍

Want to contact us?

If you want to get in touch with us please send us an email

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