About us

Calculatorian started at the beginning of 2021 as a financial calculator site. We launched with finance-related calculators to help our users find markups and margins, calculate stock dividend percentages and annualized investment returns, and to calculate hourly and yearly salaries.

We quickly learned that we had more to offer and created one of the biggest libraries for converting values online. Our converter section now holds almost 3000 different unit converters.

Back in August 2021, we hired 10 translators to make our calculators, converters, and utilities available to an even larger audience. Our main goal is to make all our tools available to as many fine people as possible. Education and knowledge are key!

We are growing

Our team is growing and so is our site! We have just released our first health-related calculator and calendars for countries around the world. Our holiday and date database currently holds thousands of entries and is being updated constantly.

Keep an eye open for future releases, there will be many!

By the way, if you have a strong background in finance, we are looking for certified financial advisors to review our new financial calculators. Get in touch on [email protected]

Got feedback?

We take pride in making sure our calculations are correct. If the calculation is not commonly known, we will make sure the formula is well documented and available to you!

We have worked for years in the finance industry, and through countless hours with certified financial planners, fund management teams, and personal financial specialists we have learned a thing or two about finance and financial calculations.

That being said, bugs can happen! Just know that we take all bugs very seriously. If you find one, send us an email at bugs@calculatorian.com and we will investigate and fix the bug asap!

Want to contact us?

Want to talk? Contact us on Twitter, Pinterest, Github, Linkedin or Patreon

Or if you prefer, use [email protected]