Tree spacing calculator

Answers the question: How many trees can I plant on my farm?

Use this tree calculator if you have a farm or a bigger property where you want to plant as many trees as possible. This calculator also calculates the total cost of planting the trees.

If you select an option that has the same underlying value as another option, both (all) will be marked.


Number of trees: 744
Total treen cost: $ 11,160
Tree density: 0.01488 per square meter

If you plant trees to earn the most per square meter you have available, then the distance between the trees is important. Different tree types such as oak, spruce, and fir have different planting distances, while the earning potential of these plants varies widely. Keep this in mind as you determine the tree type to plant.

Our calculations

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Number of trees was calculated like this:

Total treen cost was calculated like this:

Tree density was calculated like this:

Variables used in this formula

l = Length of forrest in meters
w = Width of forrest in meters
p = Price per tree

Depending on your choice when selecting tree type a constant is applied as the variable s in the formula.

Tree types
Apple tree9.1
Alder tree2.04
American Beech6.1
American Chestnut8.5
American Elm6.1
European Beech7.1
Black Cherry5.5
Black Locust tree7.3
Black Walnut9.1
Common Juniper1.83
Douglas Fir4.9
Dutch Elm7.3
Hornbeam Tree4.6
Hybrid Poplar4.6
Linden tree7.6
Loblolly Pine tree3.66
Maple Tree7.6
Norway Spruce3.05
Paper Birch5.2
Pear Tree6.1
Red Oak7
Rowan & Mountain ash7
Scots Pine tree4.9
Red Cedar5.5
White Oak8
White Pine6.1
Weeping willow tree9.1
Yellow Birch6.4