Sand volume calculator

Answers the question: How much sand do I need? How much sand do I need for the sandbox?

Use this sand calculator to find the sand's weight, volume, and cost. The calculator will also find the total area to cover with sand. We use 1.62 metric tons per cubic meter of sand as a baseline for our sand calculations.


Sand volume that is needed: 4.8 cubic meters
Sand weight that is needed: 7776 kilograms
Total sand price: $ 240
Sand price per metric ton: $ 30.86
Area to be covered with sand: 32 square meters

This sand calculator is based on theoretical weights and is only a tool to provide an estimate. Due to the sand's granularity, there will always be variations between what is theoretical weight and the actual weight of the sand.

Our calculations

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Sand volume that is needed was calculated like this:

Sand weight that is needed was calculated like this:

Total sand price was calculated like this:

Sand price per metric ton was calculated like this:

Area to be covered with sand was calculated like this:

Variables used in this formula

l = Length in meters
w = Width in meters
d = Depth in centimeters
p = Sand price per cubic meter