Concrete column calculator

Answers the question: How much concrete do I need for a column?

This concrete column calculator will help you figure out how much concrete you need in cubic meters, the total number of concrete bags required, and the total concrete cost when building a concrete column.


Cubic meters of concrete: 0.04948
Number of pre-mixed concrete bags: 6
Total concrete cost: $ 42

Calculating your concrete needs for a column is easy as long as you measure correctly. Keep this in mind as you enter your measurements. You might want to account for some concrete waste at the bottom of the concrete column.

Our calculations

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Cubic meters of concrete was calculated like this:

Number of pre-mixed concrete bags was calculated like this:

Total concrete cost was calculated like this:

Variables used in this formula

h = Column height in centimeters
d = Column diameter in centimeters
pmb = Pre-mixed concrete bag size in kilograms
cb = Cost per pre-mixed concrete bag