Horsepower to kilowatt calculator

Alternative name: Convert horsepower (hp) to kilowatt (kw)

You can use this calculator if you want to convert from horsepower to kilowatts. A typical use for this calculator is if you want to know how many kilowatts a car engine is, but you only know the number of horsepower. Similarly, this horsepower calculator can also be used for electric motors.

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Kilowatt: 85.79

Our calculations

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Kilowatt was calculated like this:

Variables used in this formula

hp = Horsepower

Depending on your choice when selecting type of horsepower a constant is applied as the variable hpt in the formula.

Type of horsepowerhpt
Mechanical or hydraulic horsepower0.745699872
Electrical horsepower0.746
Metric horsepower0.73549875