Birthday and age calculator

Alternative name: Age calculator, Birthday calculator, How old am I?

Do you want to know your exact age? Or maybe you want to know how old you were at a certain point in time? Then you are in the right place! Use this calculator to find your age at any past or future date.

In some east asian countries like China, Korea, Japan, Vietnam and Mongolia there are age reckoning systems that is based on other calendars than the Gregorian calendar used in the western world and also other methods of counting the age.


These age results is considered your exact and real age based on the western age reckoning system

Your exact age is: 33 years, 7 months, 17 days, 27 minutes

You have lived for 33 years

You have lived for 409 months

You have lived for 12,283 days

You have lived for 17,688,807 minutes

You have lived for 1,061,328,440 seconds

Your age in non-western age reckoning systems

There are many different age reckoning systems around the world and the methods for counting age varies greatly.

Your chinese lunar age (虚岁/龄): 35

Your korean age (man-nai): 33