Baking calculator - from grams to deciliter

Answers the question: How many deciliters are x grams of sugar, wheat, flour, oatmeal, etc?

If you are baking or preparing something in the kitchen and read a recipe that describes that you need x number of grams, but do not have a scale, you can use this calculator to convert from the weight in grams to deciliters.

If you select an option that has the same underlying value as another option, both (all) will be marked.


Converted: 2 deciliters

The results in this calculator are based on the mass density of the product you select. Note that if the product is damp or compressed, the mass density will change and thus also the accuracy of the calculation.

Our calculations

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Converted was calculated like this:

Variables used in this formula

g = Grams

Depending on your choice when selecting product a constant is applied as the variable m in the formula.

Wheat flour51
Wholemeal flour55
Corn starch50
Powdered sugar60
Olive oil90
Potato flour80