Calculator for Square perimeter

This calculator will help you find the perimeter of a square. The formula used in this calculator is listed below.

To use this calculator, you will need to know the edge length.

To give you a better mental model of the square, you can look at the visualization below. You can navigate the 3d-model of the square as you like.


Perimeter = 40.0

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Square Perimeter Formula

Formula variable explanation:

  • S represents the perimeter.
  • a represents the Edge length.

LaTeX formula

If you are working in a TeX based editor you could use this TeX formula to calculate the square perimeter.

\mathrm{S}= a\cdot4

How To Calculate The Square Perimeter Your Self

Calculating the perimeter is rather simple when you know the formula presented above. Follow these steps:

  1. Write down this formula:

  2. Then change the following variables with your values:
    1. a shall be changed with the Edge length of your square. As an example a could be changed to 10.
  3. Now you can enter this in to your calculator and you will get your answer.