Calculator for Regular Polygon perimeter

Alternative name: Symmetrical polygon perimeter calculator

This calculator will help you find the perimeter of a regular polygon. The formula used in this calculator is listed below.

To use this calculator, you will need to know the length of edge a and number of sides.

regular polygon


Perimeter = 100.0

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Regular Polygon Perimeter Formula

Formula variable explanation:

  • R represents the perimeter.
  • a1 represents the Length of edge a.
  • ns represents the Number of sides.

LaTeX formula

If you are working in a TeX based editor you could use this TeX formula to calculate the regular polygon perimeter.

R= a1\cdot\mathrm{ns}

How To Calculate The Regular Polygon Perimeter Your Self

Calculating the perimeter is rather simple when you know the formula presented above. Follow these steps:

  1. Write down this formula:

  2. Then change the following variables with your values:
    1. a1 shall be changed with the Length of edge a of your regular polygon. As an example a1 could be changed to 10.
    2. ns shall be changed with the Number of sides of your regular polygon. As an example ns could be changed to 10.
  3. Now you can enter this in to your calculator and you will get your answer.