VO2Max Calculator

Answers the question: What is my VO2Max?

VO2Max is the maximum amount of oxygen your body can utilize during an exercise. Your physical fitness can be measured by looking at your VO2Max levels. This calculator will help you estimate your VO2Max using data from your last race.


VO2 Max: 45.07 ml/kg/min

This VO2Max calculator uses the Jack Daniels formula to estimate your VO2Max level. The formula assumes running distances between 1.5 and 50 km. Please note that this is an estimated VO2Max. Real VO2Max must be measured in a lab or gym setting.

Our calculations

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VO2 Max was calculated like this:

Step 1

First we need to calculate the variable minutes. minutes = total race time in minutes.

Step 2

Then we need to calculate the variable speed. speed = meters per minute.

Step 3

Then we need to calculate the variable vs. vs = VO2.

Step 4

Then we need to calculate the variable pvm. pvm = percent max.

Step 5

Finally we put it together and calculate it like this:

Variables used in this formula

distance = Distance in kilometers
hh = Hours
mm = Minutes
ss = Seconds