Bench press max lift calculator

Answers the question: What is the max I can lift in bench press?

Use this bench press calculator to calculate how much weight you can lift maximum one time. We can estimate your max bench press weight by using the number of repetitions you lift a certain weight.


Epley equation: 98 kilograms
Brzycki equation: 100.8 kilograms
McGlothin equation: 101.1 kilograms
Lombardi equation: 89.75 kilograms
O'Conner et al equation: 91 kilograms

Your max bench press weight is estimated using different researchers' formulas. The results of these estimates are relatively equal, up to about ten repetitions. Still, above ten repetitions, they start to vary quite a bit.

Our calculations

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Epley equation was calculated like this:

Brzycki equation was calculated like this:

McGlothin equation was calculated like this:

Lombardi equation was calculated like this:

O'Conner et al equation was calculated like this:

Variables used in this formula

w = weight lifted
r = repetitions