Rental property profitability calculator

The profitability of a rental property can vary greatly based on factors like monthly income, expenses, government fees, interest rates and more. Using this calculator you will be able to identify cash flow positive and profitable properties.

How much can you earn on a rental property? Both monthly, yearly and during a period of say 10 years. What is the rental yield, cash flow and cash-on-cash return?

A word of care before you jump into the numbers in the calculator. If you want the highest cash-on-cash return, then just use leverage, i.e increase the property debt. But keep in mind that doing this will reduce the monthly cash flow as your expenses increases. Another great trick to increasing your cash-on-cash return is keeping the property costs as low as possible. Play around with the numbers in the calculator to quickly recognise the good deals from the bad.

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Calculator results

Net yearly cash flow: 552
Net monthly cash flow: 46
My total investment: 87,500
Total income / cash flow: 5,521
Sales price - debt: 173,762
Total return (sales price + total cash flow): 179,283
Cash to receive when sold: 86,262
Total investment gain (total return - own investment): 91,783
Capitalization Rate / Direct yield after expenses before loan costs: 4.2%
Total return on own capital / cash on cash return: 104.9%
Annualized return %: 7.4%