LED Bulb Savings Calculator

Answers the question: How much can I save by changing to LED bulbs?

Use this LED bulb cost savings calculator if you consider changing your light source to LED Bulbs. This calculator will consider the difference in wattage between LED Bulbs and Regular light bulbs, the light bulbs' lifetime, the difference in energy use, and the number of hours you use the light bulb per day.


LED Bulb total cost: $ 623
Regular light bulb total cost: $ 1,538
Total cost savings: $ 914.9
Break even after: 16.1 months

The cost savings presented in this calculator is perfectly correct when only looking at the lighting costs, but keep in mind that incandescent light sources produce some heat as well, and this heat must be replaced somehow. We have not considered this as heat from lights rarely is placed where you want the heat.

Our calculations

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LED Bulb total cost was calculated like this:

Regular light bulb total cost was calculated like this:

Total cost savings was calculated like this:

Break even after was calculated like this:

Step 1

First we need to calculate the variable lpy. lpy = LED bulb cost per year.

Step 2

Then we need to calculate the variable rpy. rpy = Regular light bulb cost per year.

Step 3

Finally we put it together and calculate it like this:

Variables used in this formula

nb = Number of bulbs
lbp = LED Bulb Price
lw = LED Bulb Watt
lh = LED Bulb Lifetime (hours)
rbp = Regular light bulb Price
rw = Regular light bulb Watt
rh = Regular light bulb lifetime (hours)
ep = Energy price per kilowatt hour
hd = Hours per day the light bulb is used
y = Number of Year to use in Savings Calculation