Electricity cost calculator

Alternative name: Calculator for cost of using an appliance

This electricity cost calculator helps you calculate how much it costs to use various electrical appliances. Enter the watts, your electricity price, and how many hours you use the device. The calculator will find your daily and monthly energy costs.


Your daily energy cost: $ 38.88
Your monthly energy cost: $ 1,166
Your yearly energy cost: $ 14,191
Total power consumed: 14.4 kWh

Please keep in mind that the cost of electricity might vary during the period, meaning that this calculation should be seen as an estimate.

Our calculations

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Your daily energy cost was calculated like this:

Your monthly energy cost was calculated like this:

Your yearly energy cost was calculated like this:

Total power consumed was calculated like this:

Variables used in this formula

p = Power consumption in watt
ep = Energy price per kWh
t = Hours the appliance is used