Annualized Return on Investment calculator

Alternative name: Annual return on investment calculator, Annual Rate of Return Calculator, Annualized ROI calculator, CAGR Calculator

The return on investment, ROI, over a time period is called annualized return on investment. Annualized returns are oftentimes better when comparing two or more investments that have a certain time horizon. Use this calculator if you know the starting amount, ending amount and number of years. Be aware that the returns are calculated as a geometric average to show you how the annual returns compound, meaning that any volatility or fluctuations are not accounted for.

This Annualized Return on Investment calculation will give you the investment gain, the total return on investment, and the Annualized Return on Investment.

This calculator may also be considered a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) calculator, as a CAGR Calculator is conceptually the same. They both try to calculate the geometric return of an investment over time.

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Calculator results

Investment gain: 80,000
Total return on investment: 400.0%
Annualized return on investment: 17.5%