Tile grout mass calculator

Answers the question: How much grouting mass do I need?

If you are tiling a bathroom, kitchen, or similar, you must use tile grout mass between the tiles. This grout calculator will help you determine how much grout mass to buy.


Tile grout mass needed: 0.8432 kilograms

Please keep in mind that this tile grout calculation is an estimate and that the grout mass manufacturer guidelines should be followed.

Our calculations

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Tile grout mass needed was calculated like this:

Step 1

First we need to calculate the variable gr. gr =

Step 2

Then we need to calculate the variable a. a = calculators.tile-grout-calculator.formulaVariables.a.

Step 3

Then we need to calculate the variable ga. ga =

Step 4

Then we need to calculate the variable x. x = calculators.tile-grout-calculator.formulaVariables.x.

Step 5

Finally we put it together and calculate it like this:

Variables used in this formula

l = Length of tile area
w = Width of tile area
tl = Tile length
tw = Tile width
g = Tile grout width / gap between tiles
gd = Grout depth