Pool salt calculator

Answers the question: How much salt should I add to my pool?

A saltwater pool is a pool that is chlorinated using a salt chlorine generator. You must watch your pool salt levels to keep the correct levels in your pool. This pool salt calculator will calculate how much salt you need to add to your pool based on your current salt levels. It will also help you calculate how many bags of pool salt you need to buy.


Salt that must be added to the pool: 160 kilograms
Number of pool salt bags to buy: 6.4

The ideal salt level for a pool is 3200 ppm, which is the level we have used to calculate how much salt you should add to your pool.

Our calculations

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Salt that must be added to the pool was calculated like this:

Number of pool salt bags to buy was calculated like this:

Variables used in this formula

cppm = Current salt reading in ppm
l = Pool size in liters
b = Pool salt bag size in kilograms