Flooring calculator

Answers the question: How much flooring do I need to buy?

If you are going to lay a new floor, this floor calculator is for you. This floor calculator calculates how many packages of flooring you must buy to cover the area of the room to be floored and the cost of the new floor. The calculator can be used for parquet, laminate, vinyl and carpet floors.


Flooring area: 36 square meters
Number of flooring packages needed: 13
Total flooring cost: $ 2,340

When you lay the floor, there is always a little left over due to material cuts. We therefore recommend buying a little more floor than necessary.

Our calculations

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Flooring area was calculated like this:

Number of flooring packages needed was calculated like this:

Total flooring cost was calculated like this:

Variables used in this formula

l = Length of patio in meters
w = Width of patio in meters
c = Square meters that one package of flooring will cover
p = Price per package of flooring