Tree age calculator

Answers the question: How old is the tree? How to calculate the age of a tree?

Finding the age of old trees can be pretty challenging if you cannot cut them down and count their annual rings. Using this tree age calculator, you can estimate the tree's age based on the diameter at approximately breast height (1.3 meters above ground). If the trunk splits into several trunks below this height (1.3 m), the circumference is measured further down where it is narrowest.

If you select an option that has the same underlying value as another option, both (all) will be marked.


Tree age: 53.26 years

Please note that the age of the tree in this calculator is only an estimate.

Our calculations

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Tree age was calculated like this:

Variables used in this formula

c = Circumference 1.3 meters above ground

Depending on your choice when selecting tree species a constant is applied as the variable g in the formula.

Tree speciesg
American beech6
American elm4
American sycamore4
Austrian pine4.5
Black cherry tree5
Black maple tree5
Black walnut tree4.5
Black willow tree2
Box elder tree3
Bradford pear tree3
Common horse chestnut8
Colorado blue spruce4.5
Douglas fir5
European beech4
European white birch5
Green ash tree4
Honey locust tree3
Kentucky coffee tree3
Littleleaf linden3
Northern red oak4
Norwegian maple4.5
Norway spruce5
Pin oak3
Quaking aspen2
Red maple tree4.5
Red pine (Norway pine)5.5
River birch3.5
Scarlet oak4
Scotch pine tree3.5
Shingle oak tree6
Shumard oak tree3
Silver maple tree3
Sugar maple tree5.5
Tulip tree3
White ash5
White fir7.5
White oak5
White pine5